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Miramar Yacht Club . . . Editorial

We have been invited -- Jorge Mantilla and I -- to write a few words to open and close the editorial page. I open it congratulating those who have built with great enthusiasm and determination this website where we may sit and share memories, photos and life experiences of so many years in our beloved Club.

I shall leave to Jorge, who contributed so much to the nautical success of our Club, to close the inauguration of this website with his comments regarding the experiences we enjoyed at the Club, experiences only available to millionaires in other countries.

Amelia del Castillo Martín

Navigating through the pages of the Miramar Yacht Club website is like navigating in its own waters, bathing in its beach, catching the sun rays on the large raft anchored near its beach, sitting on the terrace for a chat, dancing in the wonderful skating ring and above all remembering so many good friends and times.

It is like a moving picture of our life in Cuba.
It is like a book of our history.
There is no doubt of the old saying:
"Remembering is like living again"

We should thank Raúl Cosío and Ernestico Martín, who have made possible that our Miramar Yacht Club is again within reach of all who wish to visit it.

Jorge Mantilla

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