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Miramar Yacht Club . . . Activities

NOTE: From here you can go to the Parties page.

To remember the Club's activities is to live again. Here we do it with words and pictures.

The maritime activities are presented in the Nautical page, however, who has forgotten the sailing, or the rowing as well as the snipes regattas, or just "boating around" under the glorious days of our Cuba?

The Club's athletes competed against other clubs and organizations. Those activities are remembered in the Sports page, but, who can forget the close competitions in swimming and the highly emotional football games?

Nevertheless, there were other members of the Club who did nothing -- or at least it seemed that they did nothing, because they did not participate in any sports events and did not own boats. But, in a broader sense, they did a lot. In order to realize that, all you have to do is take a look at the sketch of the Club shown in the Facilities page. You will immediately see all the things these members did.

They had many options. Bask under the sun at the beach or by the pool, go for a swim, go bowling, play tennis, play squash, read a book in the library, play dominos or cards in the men's or women's saloons, or play billiards.

Or they truly did nothing. If having a conversation with friends is "nothing". They would meet in the lounge, or in the dining room, or in the terrace, or in the bar. In short, they did what they wanted. Sometimes they did a lot, sometimes they did very little.

But the opportunities existed at the Club to have a lot of fun. Especially at the parties. Who doesn't remember such parties as the Debutantes Ball, those given to 15 year-old girls, the "fiestas guajiras" (country-style parties), the parties given by the "yachtistas" (boat people), the masquerade parties and those celebrating the coming of the New Year. Oh, and I forgot the parties in the skating rink and the children's parties. There were so many parties and so much to remember that we have created a Parties page, with all the details (this page is only accessible from this Activities page, so come back here to reminisce).

In order to see one of the photos presented below, simply click on the name of the photo (some of them are large and take time to load, so be patient). To come back here after seeing a picture, click the "Previous Page" button - it's the one near the top left corner of the screen and may have an arrow pointing to the left or be labeled "Back" (more details under the picture). Some of the people in the photos may need to be identified, so we are asking for your help.

Teen Age Party, Dec. 1958 (last party before Castro?)
Kid's Carnival Party, 1957 (with newspaper clipping)
Carnival Party, circa 1956
Debutantes Party, 1955
Bridal Shower, circa 1954
Carnival Party, 1953
Party Celebrating Anniversary of Club's Inauguration, circa 1952
Country-style Party, circa 1951
MYC "Comparsa", 1948

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